Traditional Petai Root Tea
Description:The Petai Root is a traditional remedy for the indigenous people in the mountainous areas. This widely popular natural organic tea product is formulated by blending the dried petai roots collected from the deep forests with guava in a hygiene and advanced method. Many herbal plants in the tropical rain forests in Malaysia are valuable in terms of their therapeutic effects. Herbs such as Petai Root are widely popular among the folks. Known for their beneficial properties, these herbal plants have become the best choice for health and wellness among all walks of life, regardless of age. Petai Root Tea is used to reduce the level of sugar and fats in our blood, promote endocrinal metabolism, improve circulation, and is effective especially for diabetic patients. This tea product is packaged in individual tea sachets which are convenient to carry and easy to serve by adding in boiling water, anytime, anywhere. Drink it regularly to reduce the fats and reactivates the blood. It helps relieve various symptoms and keep your body invigorated. Excellent as a healthy drink for all.
Function:Those with weight problems can consume two packets (8g per packet) to reduce fat in a short time.
Dosage:Pour boiling water into a cup containing a small packet (8g) and let tea steep for a couple of minutes. Ready to serve hot. Repeat pouring boiling water once to twice. Take 1 to 2 packets daily.
Packaging:8g X 20 sachets
说明:传统臭豆根是森林中原住民至宝,生长于深山野岭所采取到的臭豆根,晒乾后与土种番石榴以最卫生的科技处理方式研制成的天然养生茶。 马国拥有资源丰富的热带雨林,许多宝贵的草本植物均有医疗效果。如臭豆根之类的草药,深受广大市民欢迎,保健功效一传十,十传百,成为家家户户必备,老幼咸宜的保健恩物。臭豆根有助于降低血糖和血脂,促进内分泌代谢,改善血液循环,因此对患有糖尿病症者特别有效。本产品包装成茶袋,方便携带,随时随地以开水冲泡既可饮用。养成日饮此茶习惯,有消脂活血之裨益,身体不适者饮用后固体培元,身体健康者饮后神清气爽,甚称不可多得之养身佳选。
成份:8g X 20 包
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